About us

our  business

International Business Opportunities is the leading TOT (Transfer Of Technology) group of companies who promote business & technology among Israel, India, and ASEAN countries. Using TOT method, we transferring technologies, facilities, skills, methods of manufacturing & knowledge from Israel to India & SEA region. IBO Group uncovers the way of bridging the evolving world and apply the concept and process of innovative technology.

Having the presence in Thailand, Singapore, India, and Vietnam, IBO Group of companies utilize its international business network to assist governments, organizations and educational institutes to reach innovation from the start-up nation. Additionally, IBO leveraging its club of investors to assist organizations in their journey of innovation.

our  vision

We believe that in order to successfully transfer innovative technology you must find the right partner. a trusted partner which leads to a Jointly Venture, and strive to achieve mutual goals.

Using our unique system and network of companies, innovative technology and ideas are being successfully commercialized worldwide.

Our vision is to spread technology & innovation solutions using Technology Transfer process (TOT) for the use of people welfare and businesses growth.

our  missions

We will assist our business partners to overcome barriers of language, culture and time while approaching Israel & Asia markets.

We will assist our business partners to save time and money for Research & Develop, by introducing them the right partners, opportunities, and information.

We will assist our partners to reduce risks by introducing them to the most experienced and professional manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, investors & service providers.